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the fellowship of the quilted dance

[réalisation de dessins - collages ] [performance][2014]
projet d'Alix Eynaudi, avec Quim Pujol Guerrero, Lise Lendais

The Fellowship of the Quilted Dance is a preparatory performance for the next creation of Alix Eynaudi, Edelweiss, developed through the investigation of the art of camouflage and the craft of padding and quilting. The multi-faceted artistic team involved in Raum’s performance is composed of Alix Eynaudi, choreographer and dancer, the costume and set designer Lise Lendais, the illustrator Cecile Tonizzo and the curator and critique Quim Pujol. While performing together, sharing work and forging bonds - not only metaphorically - they will run through the glossary of Eynaudi’s research, ordering them in an associative way between disappearance and invisibility, and ideally travelling through the comfort of a padded security blanket.

Disappearing, vanishing, fading, fading/melting away, passing from sight, receding from view, withdrawing, retiring, retreating, passing, exiting, ebbing, waning, dissipation, dematerialization, dissolution, evaporation, departure, blankets, insulation, quilts, patchwork, padding, garment, patterns, decoration, ornament, comforter, regression, baby equipment, coziness, protection, security, conservatism, tradition, edelweiss, integration, patience, slowness, resistance, warmth, survivalists, care, discreetness, hiding, mimicry, mimesis, role playing, imitation, invisibility.

performance at Xing, Bologna
17 december 2014
on a proposition by Alix Eynaudi
with Alix Eynaudi, Quim Pujol Guerrero, Lise Lendais, Cécile Tonizzo

(photos by Luca Ghedini)