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cold blood

[performance] [2012]
Pièce chorégraphie en collaboration avec Julia Cima

Cold Blood tells a troubled story on a vessel traveling the oceans.
Silent cinema sets itself up as the master, braving and gesticulating opposite the narrative.
The Burlesque is wandering nearby. The dance surfaces from a buried voluptuousness in the underground. The magical process emerges from the darkness and influences both odours and visions. There are no forests, no deserted roads, rivers or ravines, no log cabins falling apart, no fallow land, there is nothing but a vessel in the midst of the black ocean.
Julia Cima

"Little by little, the freight disappeared in the belly of the vessel. The hammer blows of the crafstmen could be heard.
Each crew member had been gauged by the supercargo. A few remarks on the man’s appearance. How was his stature in accordance with the norm? Was he fat, fleshy, bony?
Were tattoos to be found on his body? How many? Was his head naturally or brutally attached to his neck? Were his lips thickly protruding or falling? Were his teeth revealed when talking? Or did they remain slyly in the shadow?
The evening fell. The vessel was prepared to leave."
Hans Henny Jahnn

conception et interprétation : Julia CIMA
co-conception et interprétation : Cécile TONIZZO
dramaturgie : Youness ANZANE
arrangement sonore : Benoît PELÉ
avec la voir enregistrée de marc barbé
remerciements : Agnès DAHAN, Cédric SUCCIVALLI, Marc BARBÉ

durée : 60 min.

Production :
smartfr - la nouvelle aventure

Coproduction : Le Centre National de la Danse, Dansens hus - Stockholm, Duncan dance center - Athènes, Tanzquartier - Vienne (dans le cadre de modul-dance - réseau européen pour la danse)