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Sound and choreographic installation
in collaboration with Enora Rivière

Keepsake is a sound and visual installation, a micropolitical fiction created from recorded conversations and portraits on the relationship that everyone maintains with dance, with the body that dances, and with the body as such.

Keepsake is created in situ. This project comes every time within the scope of a new city (or a specific district of a city), it adapts itself to and reports a context. Keepsake is itinerant, ambulatory.
The raw material of Keepsake is the other one. Keepsake is altruist, pleasant and curious.
As we both work in the contemporary dance field, our interest is obviously concerned first by the question of the body.
By shifting the visible, tangible, spectacular body towards a sound body, we wonder more about an audible and invisible body: a discursive body.
Keepsake consists of sounds and images. It is a project which settles down, listens to and exposes itself.
To choose the sound material is, for us, to favor a certain method of collection, a one-to-one relationship; a direct link between a transmitter and a receiver, between a storyteller and a listener.
It is also a way to be attentive to what the voice says of the body.
Not seeing but speaking about the body, hearing about it, hearing another one’s body through the voice’s texture, tone, and complexity.
In this project, the interviewees’ bodies exist by means of experiments’ stories, rhythms of words, silences, noises, residues, traces. Movement is approached through and as sound.

Created in 2010 in Guisseny (Bretagne)
duration : 55min.
Sound editing and pictures : Enora Rivière et Cécile Tonizzo

listen an extract:

Recreated in 2014 in Meyras (Ardèche)
duration : 30min.
with the voices of Claude et Garance Brioude, Jean-François Fargier, Maryse Fargier, Maryse Faure, Danny et Bernard Geneston, André Rouy, Alice et Alban Uberthier, we warmly thank.

Sound editing : Enora Rivière et Cécile Tonizzo / Drawings : Cécile Tonizzo