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holy motor

A mechanical metaphor surrounding the live arts curator


" A curator of live arts can be seen as a principle of composition, activated by different kinds of agents: people, places, collectives, concrete entities, or virtual spaces.
This person is considered here as a constituent of the whole, one piece of a more complex mechanical body for which they might serve as a jack, a turbine, in other words a mobile element of an engine block (from the Latin motor = that which moves, a device that allows movement to occur, stemming from an energy source). And so they move, but what? The definition of art? The conditions, the fabrication of a context in which an artistic proposition is offered up to be seen?
In the following schema, they serve as the exhaust pipe of a diesel engine. This kind of engine has the particularity of starting up with an internal combustion system (as soon as the fuel is injected, it ignites almost instantaneously without the need for a spark plug to fi re it up). The live arts curator then invents links, transitions (shift levers); they open a space and a time in which the artist (injection pump) will be able to establish an artistic proposition (water pump) and where the spectator (fuel filter) will access a space for critical thinking (oil gauge) and “make the work” (out of the artistic proposition). "

published in the book Curating Live Arts:
Critical Perspectives, Essays, and Conversations on Theory and Practice
- by Dena Davida, Marc Pronovost, Véronique Hudon, and Jane Gabriels - berghahn books edition (nov. 2018)