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amour drift

conception, réalisation

The word “tuning,” as in the tuning of a car, is subject to many preconceived notions. One can often hear a drifter refusing it, then considering it again, accepting the Anglo-Saxon origin of the term: the tuning that adjusts, attunes, fixes.
Amour Drift invites the audience to listen to these passionate enthusiasts of hybridisation talking about car culture and the time spent perfecting, improving, and modifying - gradually and manually - their machine’s body and heart. It resonates with a relation to working-class cultures, industrial objects, craft actions, performative obsessions, and meticulous actions.
Drift (from drifting): a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers and skids, being as impressive as possible.
Tuning: The set of modifications made to a vehicle to improve its performance. In music, it is the action of adjusting the pitch of one or many tones from musical instruments to establish typical intervals between these tones.“

Press Le tuning, une résistance au capitalisme?
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Par Ouï-dire- RTBF La première - 9 Janvier 2017
Par Ouï-dire - RTBF La première - 15 janvier 2017
Création On Air - FRANCE CULTURE - 9 février 2017
Le labo - RTS ESPACE 2 - 19 février 2017
Par Ouï-dire- RTBF La première - 31 Juillet 2017

Cast and Partners
With Bob, Benjamin, Emilie, Rémi, Dudu, Nans from Sick & Claw’s club
A sound piece by Cécile Tonizzo with guitar by Tom Pauwels
Sound recording François Rivalan
Editing and mixing Pierre Devalet
A Gulliver project, produced by RTBF (Belgium), with the support of France Culture, the Promotion des Lettres de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the SACD, the Scam, pro litteris and RTS (Le Labo).