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Cécile uses various mediums to build works that are based on societal matters, she seeks ways to question our relationship to the notion of good taste, modes of consumption, the artisan gesture. She uses manual techniques such as drawing, embroidery, ceramics, to create polysemitic readings.

She studied both visual and performing arts. She then collaborated with theatre directors and choreographers a.e. Boris Charmatz, Mickaël Phelippeau, Philippe Quesne, Ludovic Lagarde, Andrew Ondrejcak/Shara Worden, Julia Cima, Alice Chauchat, Jennifer Lacey.

Since 2012, she has been conducting a research, tuning9, built on our relationship to working class culture, to the industrial object, to meticulous action, starting from the practice of customisation. Winner of the Gulliver Fund, she directed the radio documentary Amour drift (2016), which is part of this project.
Today, she regularly collaborates with choreographer Alix Eynaudi, author Clémence Weill and is a correspondent at DUUU/Unités radiophoniques.

She has participate to danceWEB scholarship (2016, mentor: Tino Sehgal), the watch and talk residency (Far°Nyon Festival - 2015) and the International Rendezvous of young dance & theatre professionals (TransAmeriques Festival - 2014).

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